About Trust & Fast Consultancy

TRUST & FAST CONSULTANCY is an institution would like to introduce a new era in the professional education, training and consultancy by earning a time of honor of international standard where all the prospective students will demonstrate their qualities through the proper guidelines in the right time by the right direction of UNIVERSITY atmosphere

Our Mission

Trust & Fast Consultancy may be a leading educational consultancy delivering the source of data to new and existing private schools & colleges everywhere on the planet. TRUST & FAST CONSULTANCY (TFC) Bangladesh offering a range of data on educational prospects for international students forecasting to regenerate their higher studies within the UK, USA, Canada & NZ, delivers access to top universities and colleges which are an enticement for overseas students. 

Our Vision

TRUST & FAST CONSULTANCY would like to be among the many other organizations, schools, foundations or companies that would like to encourage students to pause and think where and how we are going. To lead the change in our approach to growth & development, to take the responsibility for such change, that we want to see in the world around us. Our vision is to identify, encourage and nurture Leadership, Confidence, Responsibility, Teamwork, a World Vision and other positive traits in students and young learners through innovative technology and learning methodology.