Canada is one of the most diverse countries not just in terms of its picturesque landscape but also in terms of its culture and ethnicity. Situated to the north of the US, Canada is the second largest country in the world after Russia in terms of total area, but has a population of only about 35 millions. The scantily populated country has a liberal immigration policy making it a favorite destination amongst Indians for studying and working. This in turn, has helped Canada to become one of the world’s richest nations and an admirable pluralist democracy. A member of the influential Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Group of Eight (G8), Canada is the tenth largest economy in the world. Though the Canadian economy is dominated by service sector like most other developed economies, the primary sector especially logging and oil exploration is also very significant. It has a considerable prominence in the manufacturing sector as well, notably the automobile and aircraft industries. The presence of several companies in all these sectors makes Canada an attractive destination for students from different academic backgrounds.

Life and culture income; Canada has impressive rankings in many parameters of social developments such as access to primary and higher education, healthcare, infrastructure and physical environment. In cultural terms too, it is a very vibrant country with wide scope for immigrants to assimilate in the society. Canada is known for wide availability of cultural activities such as live theatre, dance and music performance, art galleries, museums, etc. Indian population (referred to as East Indian in Canada) numbers at about 1.3 million in the country; and big cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and Mississauga have considerable percentage of India population. It is likely to meet software engineers and tax consultants of Indian origin in Canadian companies.

Canada is one of the greenest countries, not just in terms of the forest cover but also in terms of the awareness and attitude of the people towards the environmental cause. The average Canadian values protection of the natural environment fairly well. There are over 40 national parks and several UNESCO World Heritage sites spread over different provinces. The country offers a soothing environment full of forest covers, natural lakes, mountains and green pastures. Canada is known for its peaceful social environment and safety of the citizens. University authorities take utmost care to ensure safety of international students on campus, and International Student Offices offer valuable advice regarding personal and property safety issues and social code of conduct. Another major attraction for Indian students to study in Canada is the fact that Canada today is taking great leaps forward in the realm of technology, a field where the expertise of Indians is well recognized. Scientists, engineers and innovators in both academia and industry perform cutting edge technology to make Canada a knowledge based society. Indians have contributed to evolution both in terms of research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Professionals with Canadian qualifications get distinctive advantage while seeking skill based immigration. Thus, moving to Canada for higher education is a wise decision for your career and life!

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